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Title: Calling All Soup Cans(Put Your Labels Up)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Taecyeon/Chansung
Summary: Changsung's really not into labels.

This in my first time writing fic so its probably pretty crappy since I have no beta and all. If you see any mistakes please tell me because I hate grammar errors.

Calling All Soup Cans(Put Your Labels Up)
Word Count: 249

As far as Chansung is concerned he’s still single. This thing he has going on with Taecyeon isn’t something he likes to label or even acknowledge outside of the privacy of his own thoughts. What they have isn’t love, hell Chansung isn’t even sure if he likes him. To him it’s just a lust that has manifested into a nameless mass of something that makes his body tingle every time Taecyeon looks at him. It’s a something that could easily turn into a mistake that could ruin not only them but 2pm as a whole, he knows this, they both know it. Still they do it anyway because it’s fun and they both know they can stop anytime they want because its not love or anything deeper than just sex. So when his stomach flutters when Taecyeon shoves him against the refrigerator and presses kisses against his neck he convinces himself he must be catching Junsu’s cold. And when Junho tells them to get a room the goofy smile that spreads across his face isn’t from the way Taecyeon’s laughter feels vibrating through his body from where his lips are pressed against his skin. Chansung doesn’t understand why he should have to label what they have, or don’t have, or could have if he were willing to be open minded about the whole damn situation. He’s kind of happy where he is, besides he’s never been fond of being a soup can.


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