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Title: Disenchanted
Length: Part 1 of ?
Genre: Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13 for now
Pairing: Yoosu, Jaeho
WARNING: There will be gore and character death
Disclaimer: If I owned any of them DBSK would still be together and Yoosu would have random sex on stage. However I don't own them so I don't think any of that will be happening anytime soon. *sigh*
Summary: Junsu is being hunted by two groups that both want to use him for their own gain and Yoochun is trying hard to understand how the key to the worlds salvation can be so cold.
A/N: I don't have a beta so if you see any mistakes please tell me.

Absit omen
Yoochun found her not far from the cathedral, stooped over in a kneeling position, kept upright by the spear that had been shoved straight through her body and into the cold stone underneath. Her torso was ripped clean open, intestines strewn in different directions as her arms lay outstretched before her, heart cupped neatly in the center of her palms like a grotesque offering of love. Blood soaked the street surrounding the body, pooling in the grooves between the cobblestones bathing the protruding weeds with a crimson wetness.

It smelled like ash and sulfur, the most common traces of demonic killings.

Kneeling next to her lifeless body he raised his faintly glowing hand and pressed it to her cold cheek. Her body lit up like a neon light as spirals wrapped themselves around it, slipping in and out like black swirls of mist. It looked just like Jaejoong had told him it would but lacked the feeling he said would accompany it. It felt like any other dead person, riddled with the weight of sins and expectations far to big for someone so small and insignificant to the big picture of the world.

She wasn’t the one.

Yoochun sighed, both disappointment and relief coursing through him as he reached into his pocket and retrieved a small device. It was black and thin, shaped like an oval with a small indent in the middle, strange symbols stretching out from it. He pressed his finger into the indent and watched the symbols light up one by one until the whole thing was glowing a pure white.

He pressed it to his ear keeping his finger positioned and waited for a reply.

“You found her.”

“Yes leader-sshi.”


Yoochun gazed at the carnage that was once a human being.

“She’s dead.”

“Was she the one we’re looking for?” The question was asked coolly, without a hint of emotion but Yoochun could sense the tension in his leader’s voice.

“No Yunho-hyung, she wasn’t the one.”

There was an exhalation of breath, low and clear in his ear.

“Well whoever they are we need to find them so cross her off the list and go on to the next one.”

“But the body--”

“I’ll have somebody take care of it Yoochun-ah. Go.”

It was an order, not a request.

Yoochun looked at the body again, torn and bloody. He had been following her for a few days, enough to memorize her schedule so that he knew where she was likely to be at any time of the day. She had been a nice girl, kind to her parents and siblings, and an honor student who spent her spare time helping charities. He had only taken his eyes off her for a second, just a moment in order to check on something else and in that moment she was gone. Killed right under his nose.

“What if I can’t?” The question slipped through his mouth before his brain had time to catch up allowing his insecurities to slip free.

“Can’t what?”

“Find them leader-sshi. What if I can’t find this person, whoever they are. The list is too long and I don‘t think we have enough time. What if I can‘t do it?” The words spilled out fast and hot like poison. He winced and shut his eyes, berating himself in his mind. Yoochun couldn’t help but think he shouldn’t be telling Yunho this, he was putting so much faith in him and he shouldn’t be clouding it with doubt but he found that he couldn’t help it. Especially when his own mind had doubts of its own.

Silence followed his confession.

“Yoochun.” The fondness in Yunho’s voice made him open his eyes.


“Just find them. Contact me if you need anything.” It was a reassurance more than anything else, a way to ease Yoochun‘s mind, let him know he still had faith in him.

“I will.” Yoochun removed his finger from the device and pulled it away from his ear, placing it securely in an inside pocket. He stood up and let his eyes trail over the body one last time before he began to back away. He hoped that whoever Yunho sent to retrieve her did something to improve her current appearance so that her parents wouldn’t have to see her like that because no one deserved to see their child looking that bad. No one.

He began to walk away, putting distance between himself and the horrible scene behind him. The demons were getting more creative with their kills, most likely out of anger because of the elusiveness of the person they were searching for. That they were both searching for.

Clicking his teeth he reached into his pants pocket and retrieved a small piece of paper. Unfolding it he ran his finger across a name, a charred black line trailing after it, one of many others just like it.

For some reason the next name stood out to him with a startling clarity that the others didn‘t have. He mouthed it to himself enjoying the feel of the syllables and how they rolled off his tongue, thick and sweet like honey.

Kim Junsu.


Junsu had come to the conclusion that sprites just didn’t know how to shut up. Especially when they were in a good mood, which seemed to be the case with the one that was sitting on his notebook.

“…..And I told him the day I go out with a warlock is the day I eat NumNum beans naked in a rosebush. Boy was he mad, but it would never have worked out, I mean think of the size difference. He would crush me in a second, don’t you agree?”

Junsu paused in his note taking to nod in a way that would make the sprite think he was listening and make sure nobody realized he was talking to something nobody else could see.

He had learned a long time ago that the things he saw were not natural, after years of trying to convince his mother that yes there really was a goblin in his closet, and no he hadn’t been sniffing the scented highlighters again. Learning to ignore them had been one of the hardest things for him to do especially since they seemed to have a Junsu-radar and were always trying to engage him in conversation.

“You know Junsu you’re a really nice kid, its too bad really,” the sprite said dramatically flipping white, nearly transparent hair over its shoulder that glowed a bright, nearly neon blue.

Junsu frowned slightly placing his pen down gently on his notebook making sure not to hit the creature. He made a big show of stretching, reaching his hand up to cover his mouth in a mock yawn and spoke softly to the sprite.

“What’s too bad?”

Blue lips stretched into a mischievous smile.

“Well, if what the mystics say are true things aren’t looking to bright for you right now. Its no surprise really, what with the big search and all,” it said gleefully eyes shining with delight that Junsu knew was probably from the prospect of having something new to gossip about.

Keeping his hand in front of his mouth he replied in a near whisper. “What search? I don’t understand.”

“Even if you know nothing else you should at least know about that! Everybody’s looking for you kid and at this point it doesn’t really matter who finds you first because if what I‘ve heard is true, and it probably is, you don‘t make it out of this story alive.”

“What do you mean I don’t make it out alive!” Junsu screeched all thoughts of discretion lost as the sprites words registered with him.

“Junsu-ah, do you need to be excused?”

It was only when he noticed that the whole class had gone silent and the teacher was looking at him expectantly that he realized how loud his outburst had been.

“Oh, no seonsaengnim, I’m fine”

Junsu lowered his head and pretended to take more notes as the teacher continued on with the lesson. He then propped his head up on his hand, chin fitting perfectly into his palm, fingers splayed over his lips.

“What do you mean I don’t make it out alive,” he asked the still smirking sprite, making sure to keep his voice down this time.

“I mean you get snuffed off right before all the good stuff starts to happen, it’s a damn shame really kid, you‘re gonna miss out on all the fun. But there’s nothing to be done about it I guess, the mystics are never wrong and given the circumstance you’re in I can’t say things look like their tipping in your favor kid. If I were you I’d be careful who I trust.“ the sprite said all laughter and mischievousness gone from its voice.

As he let the words soak in Junsu watched the sprite jump off his notebook and dust off its spindly legs. Wings unfurled from its back, nearly translucent under the rays of sunlight that peaked through the heavy cluster of clouds outside. It flew from Junsu’s desk to the nearby window, pausing for a moment on the windowsill.

“Hey kid, a word of advice: beware red butterflies” Before Junsu could even think of a reply the sprite shook its head and flew out of the window.

Outside it began to rain.



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